Thursday, June 26, 2014


Educreations is a free interactive whiteboard app that allows students to record themselves while explaining concepts.  I first started using Educreations in my 2nd Grade classroom this past school year and I love the ease with which students are able to use the app.  I especially like the fact that logging in to my online account allows me to see student work all in one location. 

The ideas are endless for using Educreations in your classroom.  One way we used it in our classroom was to have a record of reading fluency.  Students took a picture of a page in a book they were reading and recorded themselves reading it.  At parent/teacher conferences, we were able to show parents student growth in this area by showing them a beginning of the year fluency piece and one a couple months later. 

It is difficult to find time in the school day to talk to each student and see if he/she understands the concepts being taught.  Using Educreations, students can demonstrate their understanding and the teacher can listen to the video at a later time.  Here are a couple ways I used Educreations in math.  In one video a student explains the partial sums algorithm and in the other a student explains her fraction.   

Our school corporation held our first eLearning Day this past spring and our students took their iPads home for the weekend.  Since many families in our school do not have access to the Internet, we had to creatively come up with ideas to share content.  The students saved all of the articles and videos they would need to their devices before they went home.  One of my 2nd Grade colleagues, Samantha Baker, had students identify voice in a piece of writing and then compose their own writing, focusing on adding voice.  Here is a video of a student showing where he saw voice in the writing.  Even though many students did not have access to the Internet, they were able to complete this assignment.  When they came to school on Monday, their Educreations assignments were then synced with their account.

My favorite way to use Educreations is with multi-apping.  Multi-apping is simply using multiple apps to complete a project.  This is something the students were able to do later in the year as they became proficient with many apps.  They were able to use three apps to share what they had learned.  In the following example, the student took pictures of nouns with her camera, labeled the adjectives in Pic Collage, saved the collage to her camera roll, inserted it into Educreations, and then explained what adjectives were using Educreations. 

There are so many other ways to use Educreations and we have only begun!  I am very excited to use it this coming school year with both my 2nd Grade students, and other students and teachers at South Side.

American Revolution

South Side 5th Grade students completed a project about the American Revolution using Windows Movie Maker.  Project requirements included creating 6-8 slides, adding captions, credits, music, and animation.  They also had to research and include two quotes from the war.  The students spent a great deal of time on this project, as evidenced by the video below.


Students in Mrs. Malcolm's 1st Grade class have been publishing stories digitally.  I was able to be in their classroom one day when they were using StoryKit.  The students were so excited!  Even the most reluctant writers were totally engaged, taking pictures of their pages and recording themselves reading.  Below is a video of a student's final product.